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Getting Around in Gibraltar

By Road

In Gibraltar, traffic drives on the right. The speed limit is 50 kph (31 mph), except where otherwise indicated. Seat belts are compulsory and it is compulsory to drive with dipped headlights at night.


There are good local bus services operating at frequent intervals. There are five bus routes in Gibraltar (routes 2, 3, 4, 9, and 10) and buses run to most areas of the territory apart from the Upper Rock, which is a nature reserve. The Gibraltar Bus Company runs four routes, with its distinctive modern fleet of blue-liveried Dennis Dart buses. These are:

Route 2: Referendum House Terminus to Willis's Road Terminus;
Route 3: Air Terminal Terminus to Europa Point Terminus;
Route 4: Rosia Terminus to Both Worlds Terminus;
Route 9: Air Terminal Terminus to Market Place Terminus.

The Calypso Bus Company runs the remaining route (route 10) with a more elderly fleet of red double-decker buses. Although at first sight similar in appearance to London's red buses, these left-hand-drive vehicles are actually second-hand from Germany.


There are plenty of taxis and the driver is required by law to carry and produce on demand a copy of the taxi fares. Gibraltar's taxi drivers provide tailor made tours and can be hired at the following locations:

• Frontier;
• Gibraltar Coach Terminus;
• Casemates Square;
• John Mackintosh Square (The Piazza)-Town Centre;
• Holy Trinity-Cathedral Square;
• Trafalgar Cemetery;
• Cruise Terminal.

The price set by the Gibraltar Taxi Association is £8 per person plus an extra £8 which is the price for entry into the Upper Rock attractions, with a minimum of 4 persons, for tours lasting around one and a half hours. Customised tours can also be negotiated. The standard tour includes a knowledgeable introduction to the following sites: The Great Siege Tunnels, The Moorish Castle, St Michael's Cave, The Rock Apes (monkeys), Europa Point, 9.2" Coastal Guns.

Car Rentals

Cars are available for rent in Gibraltar and can be taken across the border into Spain. As a general rule, cars are only rented to drivers aged 23 to 70 years old who have held a licence for at least three years. Non-EU residents might be required to show an international licence.

Documentation: Third Party insurance is compulsory. Valid national driving licences are accepted. A certificate of registration is required. Vehicles must have a national number plate.

Cable Car

The cable car that takes you to a spectacular lookout point at the top of The Rock is more than an attraction in itself. The cable car costs £8 round trip for adults and £4.50 round trip for children over seven. Children, six and under travel free. There will be an extra charge of £8 should you wish to enter the attractions on the Upper Rock.


Gibraltar is so small (less than 7 sq km) that getting around town is a feasible option, if you have the time and energy. Walking to the lookout point where the cable car stops is a considerable hike that could take at least 2 hours, or much more, depending on your level of fitness.





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