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Gibraltar Communications


Communications in Gibraltar comprise a wide range of telephony systems (both fixed-line and mobile), Internet access, broadcasting (radio and television) and satellite control. There is also printed and online media. Regulation of telecommunications and broadcasting are the responsibility of the Gibraltar Regulatory Authority (GRA), established by means of the Gibraltar Regulatory Authority Act in 2000.

Until 1990 the telephone services on Gibraltar were operated by the government. Then joint agreements were entered into with BT and Nynex to cover local and international calls. Mobile phone services are keeping up with their European counterparts and there are now several networks which are able to operate in the area. Coverage is fairly good, with most people arriving from abroad able to use their existing phone. It is advisable to obtain a Gibraltarian mobile phone and sim card though, just to keep the running costs down.

The television and radio stations are run by the Gibraltar Broadcasting Corporation and runs in a similar way to the BBC in the UK, in that it used to be funded in part by a licence fee. The licence fee has now been abolished. It is also possible to receive Spanish television and radio stations. Radio Gibraltar is the local radio station and there is a special radio station for British forces.

Most homes have satellite television services, which brings them a number of television channels from the UK. For this to be installed there are fees to be paid and arrangements should be made through the local satellite installers, details of which can be obtained from the local directories.

There are currently four internet service providers which operate in Gibraltar.


Telephones - main lines in use :
24,000 (2008)

Telephones - mobile cellular :
18,400 (2004)

Telephone system :
general assessment: adequate, automatic domestic system and adequate international facilities
domestic: automatic exchange facilities
international: country code - 350; radiotelephone; microwave radio relay; satellite earth station - 1 Intelsat (Atlantic Ocean)

Radio broadcast stations :
AM 1, FM 5, shortwave 0 (1998)

Television broadcast stations :
1 (plus 3 repeaters) (1997)

Internet country code :

Internet hosts :
1,955 (2009)

Internet users :
6,500 (2008)





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